Poems For Fathers Day

Printing Tips

You can copy and print any poem file on this site for free for personal and individual use.

Please see our Terms of Use statement.

To view or print a poem, start from the Home page and click on any poem title. Below the poem will be four links to open four different PDF (Portable document Format) files.

If you have any problems opening these PDF files, you may need to install Adobe Reader. This is a free program or app and can be found at adobe.com.

There are four different files to choose from. The first three use the poem on a US Flag background, a Sunburst background or a Clouds background. The fourth one is just a plain white background. Using the white background, you can use different kinds of paper instead of a background scene. Most stores which sell office supplies will have paper with different colors and textures from which to choose.

Click any one the four links to open a poem file. It will open in a new tab. You should be able to view the poem and the background scene. There are three editable areas which will allow you to add, delete or change any text. These are the title, the poem and the greeting below the poem. Just click on any one of these areas, which should be covered by a blueish shaded box, to edit the text. When you are finished editing, you can print the page by clicking the printer icon.

When you finish printing, for best results, trim the page one quarter of an inch on the top and the bottom and trim it one half of an inch on the left and right sides. This will make the page fit into an 8 inch by 10 inch picture frame. If you do not trim the page, it will require an 8-1/2 inch by 11 inch frame. Usually, the 8 x 10 size will give you a better choice of frames.

If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Us.